The Grand Casino, Leon, Mexico has received and stunning redevelopment of the entire complex, inside and out. For full info please click on the logo above to visit the Grand Casinos website.

Products Featured

14 x Induce DuoTek 126 Cloud-Drive

32 x SkyLine DuoTek 140 900mm Cloud-Drive

28 x PolStar Q7

26 x Vector DuoTek 140 1200mm

12 x DIN DRIVE 4 DMX Drivers 

Adimsa has a strong history of providing leading-edge lighting, sound and multimedia solutions in many sectors of the entertainment industry.

The Adimsa focus in Architainment is to create and design elements that highlight the buildings or elements of the urbanscape in a proper way, designing the lighting according to certain areas and surroundings, delivering an original concept and solution for every case.