DuoTek Technology

Many AXALIGHT luminaires feature DUOTEK technology and are powered by Nichia high-efficiency, high CRI Ra90, Filament-White 2700° Kelvin LEDs carefully combined with Nichia TriRGB colour mixing LED devices to provide endless colour mixing capabilities and true warm filament type white from the same fixture. Combining Filament-White and TriRGB sources allows for the creation of clean cool whites with a very high CRI of 95.


Super high efficiency, full spectrum white LEDs from market leader Nichia of Japan.

DuoTek provides the perfect combination of luminous efficiency, colour rendering and decorative colour mixing from the same luminaire.


TriRGB full-colour devices from Nichia of Japan selected for colour stability.

High Efficiency

Wide Palate

Full Spectrum


Colour Control

Lumen Efficiency Comparison

Relative efficiency comparison of White, DuoTek, RGBW and RGB techniques.


Nichia V2 White LED 120lm/W


Tungsten Halogen 17lm/W


DuoTek™ W+TriRGB 82lm/W


White LED 85lm/W




TriRGB or RGB 30lm/W

Dual Functionality from DuoTek Luminaires


DuoTek performs perfectly in functional settings such as offices, residences, meetings, presentations, etc.


DuoTek provides endless dynamic possibilities and is ideal for shows, auditoriums, clubs, parties, etc.