Compact exterior fixtures featuring DuoTek technology to provide points of colour around structures. Fully dimmable to black using AXALIGHT LED dimmers

Supply Voltage: 24V DC
Circuits: 4, Common Anode
Power: 4.0 Watts
Light Output: 295 lumens
LEDs: 7 x Nichia 0.5W White + 7 x Nichia 0.5W TriRGB

7 x Filament-White LEDs 2.4 Watts (100 mA) – 240lm
7 x TriRGB LEDs 1.6 Watts (67mA) – 45lm 14 x LEDs TOTAL 
4.0 Watts (167mA) – 295lm 

Diameter: 60mm

Height: 55mm
Width with mounting tabs: 85mm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Ingress Protection: IP44 or IP66 configurations