At AXALIGHT we design and manufacture a large selection of LED luminaires to your exact specifications.

AXALIGHT luminaires are designed and manufactured by AXALIGHT in Europe backed by our 5-year warranty. We also offer bespoke solutions to meet your exact requirements.


Modular, rigid PCB based, aluminium housing linear lighting fixtures ideal for indirect illumination applications such as cove lighting in a wide range of configurations.

  • 50-2000mm lengths
  • Up-to 34 Watts per metre
  • 35, 70 and 140 LEDs per metre
  • DuoTek, Twin or Mono LEDs
  • Nichia Japan semiconductors
  • Single 1/8 binning, high effiency
  • High efficacy white light >115 lm/W
  • SELV (24V DC)


HEXI is designed to be HEXIBLE and puts you in control by being available to your specification in literally thousands of bespoke configurations.

HEXI cells can be linked in combinations of different types of HEXI cells to create multipurpose luminaires with hybrid LED technologies. 

  • Up to 16.8 Watts per cell
  • M7|M7+: 7 x Mono Nichia LEDs
  • Q7|Q7+: 7 x QUAD (RGBW/A) LEDs
  • DT28: 14xDuoTEK White + 14xTriRGB LEDs
  • PIX7: 7 x TriRGB pixel LEDs
  • Lens options down to 3°
  • Single binning, high efficiency



End-to-end illumination in stylish extruded linear fixtures available in DuoTek and Mono LED configurations. Ideal for interior architectural linear illumination applications.

  • 100-2000mm lengths
  • Up-to 40 Watts per metre
  • DuoTek or Mono LEDs
  • Nichia Japan semiconductors
  • Single binning, high effiecncy
  • Open beam or lens options
  • Removable end caps
  • SELV (24V DC)



Modular, rigid PCB based, high output linear strips. 140LEDs/m model is fully homoginious ideal direct viewing applications such as structure outlines, mirror surrounds, etc.

  • 50-2000mm lengths
  • Up-to 30 Watts per metre
  • 35, 70 or 140 LEDs per metre
  • Mono LEDs
  • Samsung semiconductors
  • Indoor use
  • SELV (24V DC)



SKYLINE range provides many options and configurations specifically to facilitate lighting designed to enhance building architecture as part of the urban skyline.

  • 100-2,000 mm lengths
  • Up to 75 Watts per metre
  • Mono LEDs (Single Colour)
  • Quad (RGBW) with TIR Lens optics
  • DuoTek (White+TriRGB)
  • ECO (White 2000K > 6000K))
  • Outdoor IP66PS or indoor use
  • Cloud-Drive / DMX-RDM options





RELINE DUOTEK provides the perfect combination of Filament-White & TriRGB LED technologies specifically designed for recessed applications.

  • 100-2000mm lengths 
  • Up to 40 Watts per metre
  • DuoTek or Mono LEDs
  • Nichia Japan semiconductors
  • Single binning, high efficiency
  • Indoor use
  • Removable end caps
  • SELV (24V CV)



Compact fixtures featuring DuoTek technology and direct DMX control to provide points of colour around structures and sets.

  • Direct DMX control
  • Auto-addressing
  • up-to 8 Watts
  • DuoTek or Mono LEDs
  • Nichia Japan semiconductors
  • Single binning, high efficiency
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • SELV (24V DC)



To complement our LED lighting fixtures we manufacture high specification LED control and dimming solutions:

From urban architecture to Cloud and wireless, whatever your application AXALIGHT can provide a control and LED drive system to meet your requirements.


Cloud-Control is a Windows software application that provides system integrators and technicians configuration of AXALIGHT Cloud-Drive enabled lighting luminaires and LED dimmers. 

  • Cloud-Control configures settings:
  • ArtNet universe
  • DMX start address
  • DMX resolution
  • Power on level memory
  • Max total power level


Cloud-Drive4 communicates over WiFi and Art-Net for fast installation and mobile systems whilst offering flicker-free, super smooth dimming right down to black.

  • Wireless control
  • 16/8 bit dimming with smoothing
  • 4 x 5A constant Voltage outputs
  • up-to 480 Watts peak
  • Wireless control
  • Art-Net protocol
  • DIN rail mounting
  • SELV (24V DC)


DMX dimming and DIN rail flexibility for
constant voltage LED control applications.

  • DMX-512 control
  • 16/8 bit dimming with smoothing
  • 4 x 5A constant Voltage outputs
  • RDM remote configuration
  • up-to 480 Watts
  • DIN rail mounting
  • SELV (24V DC)



The AXALIGHT DIN-SPLIT >3< is a 3 way DMX splitter/buffer ideal for installation applications requiring DMX distribution in a DIN-RAIL format.

  • DMX IN/THRU with DATA status indication.
  • Three isolated independent DMX outputs with status indication.
  • Inputs and outputs protected agains static and shorts.
  • 12-24 VDC Supply Power (SELV).
  • Individual, pluggable screw terminals for each DMX connection.
  • DMX driver ICs socketed for ease of service.
  • DIN rail mounting



SkyLine PIXe luminaires are mains powered, and ingress protected to IP67. Lens optics with a beam angle of 6 degres serve to enhanse the SPI controlled digital pixels housed within a robust and aesthetically pleasing extruded alluminim enclosure.