AXALIGHT WiFi settings

Security: WPA2 – AES

Password: please contact AXALIGHT for the correct password for your system

NETWORK / ArtNet Settings
Many software packages will automatically default to sending ArtNet on the device’s default network range.

If your software requires you to enter the network information manually use the following settings.

Broadcast IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Cloud-Drive Configuration

Cloud-Control Software is used to configure Cloud-Drive enabled products.

Status LED colour codes
AXALIGHT Cloud-Drive devices have a status TriColour LED which indicates system status. The status LED is mounted on the Cloud-Drive main processor module which is within the Cloud-Drive enabled fixture or CD4 dimmer. The status LED is an aid to technical-support and viewing the status LED is not required for regular operation.

Breathing Green – Connected to WiFi
Breathing Cyan – Connected to AXALIGHT Cloud (via the internet)
Pulse Blue – ArtNet data received (on any universe) (continuous Blue if continuous data)
Pulse Magenta – ArtNet universe received on receiving universe (continuous Magenta if continuous data)
Flashing Green – Attempting to connect to WiFi
Flashing Cyan – Attempting to connect to the AXALIGHT Cloud (via the internet)
Flashing Blue – Factory configuration mode – contact AXALIGHT for support
Pulse Yellow – AXAnet configuration command data received
Pulse Red – AXAnet configuration data updated
Pulse White – AXAnet channel levels changed
Power on level memory
At power on Cloud-Drive enabled devices immediately recall their power on stored memory levels.

The factory default setting is
Ch1: 10%
Ch2:   0%
Ch3: 10%
Ch4:   0%
This will show as: 10% Magenta on a DuoTek (RGBW) fixture.

The power on default level memory can be changed using the AXALIGHT Cloud-Control app if required.