LED Watts (@100%)

DATA Cables

Kanyon is one of Istanbul’s modern architecturally appealing centres located in the business district of Levent. Annually, Kanyon prepares its visitors for the winter festivities with beautiful attractions and displays with the help of InStore who included 360 bespoke animated VERTEX stars into their designs.

Products Featured

360 x VERTEX MONO >7< 6,200 Kelvin

9 x Cloud-Drive >4< LED dimmers

9 x 240 Watt PSUs

Remote programming of the Cloud-Drive system was performed wirelessly over the internet.

Instore started its operations in 1997 with the goal of fulfilling the visual marketing communication needs of large commercial spaces such as shopping malls, retail chains, large supermarkets, hotels, business centres, theme parks, transport terminals from one single source. Instore initiates different types of decoration and marketing activities in these media.