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Borsa Restaraunt

The Borsa restaurant utilises 132 meters of linear LED MicraLine 140 to provide direct view, fully homogenous accent lighting externally and internally. 2,700 Kelvin, single binning LEDs were selected to create a very modern visual style. All linear fixtures are dimmable to allow the owners to create just the right ambience throughout different times of the day.

Products Featured

132m MICRALINE MONO >140< 2,700 Kelvin

11 x DINDrive DMX LED dimmers

11 x 240 Watt PSUs

MICRALINE >140< provides fully homogenous high-quality linear illumination packaged in sleek aluminium extrusion with a polycarbonate top cover optic. MICRALINE is ideal for direct view and cove lighting applications in offices, hotels, ballrooms, retail, and restaurants.