Germanya Han (German House) is over 110 years old and has recently undergone a major renovation project that will see the building become a hotel in 2020.

The stunning facade illumination has been achieved using AXALIGHT SkyLine Q35 luminaires each with inbuilt wireless control. The SkyLine model selected was the QUAD model, equipped with Red, Green, Blue and 2,800 Kelvin white LEDs.

As the Garmanya Han facade was listed, cable and fixing was kept to a minimum by deploying AXALIGHT Cloud-Drive wireless control technology. Cloud-Drive provides 16 bit dimming from the industry standard ArtNet protocol.

As the local weather conditions vary widely, from hot summer downpours to winter snow and ice, all SkyLine luminaires feature AXALIGHT PreSure technology ensuring they are both water and air-tight.

Products Featured

32 x SkyLine Q35 Cloud-Drive 1000mm 12deg
20 x SkyLine Q35 Cloud-Drive 400mm 24deg
9 x SkyLine Q35 Cloud-Drive 400mm 36deg
18 x SkyLine Q35 Cloud-Drive 200mm 24deg
14 x SkyLine Q35 Cloud-Drive 200mm 12deg
4 x Induce Q42 Cloud-Drive 12deg