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Private Villa Parking

Some people have all the luck!. If you got it, illuminate it with AXALIGHT luminaires!

In case anyone was wondering how to light their private sports car collection in the garage under your home, please read on…

Simply add 192 bespoke pieces of 2.2m dual colour 2,700 / 4,000 Kelvin AXALIGHT MICRALINE 70 with 140 circuits of LV dimmers.

The dual colour dimming allows for warm-white relaxed mode or natural white when the vehicles require a little TLC.

I hope this info is of help,

For me, I’d better get saving…

Products Featured

192 x 2.2 m MICRALINE TWIN >70< 2,700 & 4,000 Kelvin

35 x DIN-DRIVE DMX LED dimmers

MICRALINE TWIN >70< provides variable white high-quality linear illumination packaged in sleek aluminium extrusion with a polycarbonate top cover optic. MICRALINE is ideal for stretch ceiling, cove lighting applications in offices, hotels, ballrooms, retail, and restaurants.