AXALIGHT VARAXY provides flexible scalable illumination options for a wide array of applications ranging from building facades and monument lighting through to sport and industrial applications.

VARAXY is modular and scalable from one to nine ‘XY’ module configurations, for lighting your way.

X1Y1, X1Y2, X1Y3
X2Y1, X2Y2, X2Y3
X3Y1, X3Y2, X3Y3

Each row is adjustable separately providing great onsite flexibility during focusing.

12°, 24°, 36°, 15×60°, lens options are available and each X row can have specific lenses allowing for adjustable multiple angles from a single luminaire.

VARAXY is equipped with Nichia LEDs delivering the highest levels of efficiency, light quality and longevity. Bespoke colour options include Filament-White (2,700) to 6000 Kelvin, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Each row can be populated to your specification.

Each VARAXY module is rated at 20 LED Watts, delivering over 2,300 lumens, with the 180 Watt X3Y3 model generating an impressive 20,700 lumens. (R8000)

For longevity, VARAXY features substantial thermal heat-syncing along with under-running of LEDs (66% below specification) all backed up by the AXALIGHT 5-year warranty.

AXALIGHT, Lighting Your Way.