Plein Westermaat SkyLine Enhanced

Located in Hengelo, Netherlands, the Plein Westermaat retail centre has received an LED upgrade to the facade illumination. 

Over 280 AXALIGHT SkyLine luminaires were utilised to provide over 400 linear meters of illumination to the many louvred building facades.

The SkyLine range is available in an extensive range of options, with the unit’s select ECO40 models with forty 4,000° Kelvin LEDs per metre. 

Each SkyLine luminaire is 1.5 m in length with mains power consumption factory reduced to thirty-five Watts each with a >0.95 power factor.

The combination of 15°x60° asymmetrical TIR lens optics together with highly efficient V3 LEDs from Nichia produces impressive illumination of the building despite the low power consumption.

SkyLine luminaires are individually pressure tested to one bar using AXALIGHT’s PreSure system, ensuring IP67 ingress protection.

The Project Management was performed by LED’s go for the best, supported by AXALIGHT partner NetherLED.

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